January 12, 2009


A lot has gone on these past couple days. I shall try to talk about everything with out making this like really I tend to do that, haha.

So. Friday we were gone all day. I had my drawing/art class and my sisters had a few classes too.

Saturday, we got up and pretty much went straight to church to clean the entire place. That was interesting. But in some ways fun....or as fun as cleaning can be. I pretty much vaccumed the entire church. That took a while.... Anyhow, at 1PM Marissa had her birthday party and we had to meet in the church parking lot, so that was convient.

Her party was lots of fun. But, unfortunately, I didn't get hardly any pictures since it was a photo scavenger hunt and we had a time limit. I always love stuff like this. First, because I love pictures, and second because I am pretty competitive and always love a challenge, haha.

Her party ended back at the church just in time for youth group. As always, youth group was amazing. Actually, I thought it was even better than normal. The game was fun(to me, haha) and the message was very thought provoking. I kinda want to talk about it and my thoughts on it, however, I don't want to bore you. So if you really want to hear what I think, ask me, and I will post about it for you. lol!

Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay for the games and such. My mom wanted to get home to see the game. But, it was ok....she does a lot for us.....

So, we got home in time to see the whole Panthers game. AHHHHHHHH! That was sad. But shall stop talking about it....because after all *it was just a game*. haha.

Yeah, so Saturday was another long day. But mostly very good.

So, now we're on to Sunday. I lovvvvvvved the message at church. It was very thought provoking too. I was so happy that I finally took good note that I could actually decipher. I really would like to talk about this too, but I will refrain...I guess. So, ditto what I said about the last message.

After church, we went out to eat with the Harris's, Ponder's and Odell's. That was nice :) Olivia and I went home with the Harris's and hung out for an hour or two until we headed to the church to meet Josiah and Nathan to go the the Winter Jam.

We waited in line for about an hour before we got inside, but it was sooooo worth it. We ended up getting pretty decent seats. And we got seats for all 6 of us just in time, before the pre-show started. The pre-show consisted of Stephanie Smith and PureNRG. I'm not the biggest fan of either, but they were fine.

For the real show, Francesca Battistelli started out. I didn't like her that much either, but she is talented. Next was Newsong(I think?). They were really good. It was like an awesome time of praise and worship. Very cool. Then I think Hawk Nelson was next. They were pretty good, although I'm not their biggest fan either.

After them, there was a speaker; Tony Nolan. He was very funny. Although I didn't completely agree with everything he said, over all, he was pretty good. And as a result of him approx. 2500 people became Christians last night. Praise God!

After a short intermission, there was Brandon Heath. He has some very good music. Then of course, lastly, but definitely not leasty(lol), there was TobyMac. This guy is amazing in concert. Really, he has so much energy for like a 45 year old, haha.

Probably my favorite part of the entire night was meeting Brandon Heath. He was so very nice, down to earth and personable. Yeah, very cool. And now I appreciate him and his music a whole lot more. We were like literally the last people leaving the concert.

Yep, my weekend was very fun. And, I left a whole lot out....and this post still turned out very long. Oh well. I will try to post some pictures and/or videos of the concert soon!!


Anonymous said...

Marissa's party /was/ very fun... I have pictures on my blog...

and Q222 was very fun too. The game hurt my arms, and I think my team got last place, but it was fun. And the message /was/ very good.

and Sunday morning's message was REALLY good. I love hearing Joe preach...

Emily S. said...

glad you had fun at the party!

yeah, the Panthers' game was pretty sad.

i loved Joe's message too. it was amazing. that guy is so gifted!

Morgan said...

joe has such a gift!!! he always makes me listen when he preaches!

i know, tobymac seems like hes still 25! haha!

Aly said...

You met Brandon Heath? How late did you stay? Wish I could have found ya'll. Maybe next year...

Emily said...

yes, we met him. We were like literally the last people was like 10:20 and they were kicking us out...haha!

Yeah, wish I saw you there too!

Marissa said...

I can send you pictures of my party if you want to post them . . . glad you had fun! :-)

Wish I could have been there to hear Joe - this is the second Sunday I've missed! :-(

Matt said...

for once, i didn't read the whole thing of one of your posts.
next time, try to keep it a just a leetle bit shorter, my friend. haha