January 25, 2009

hehe. I really feel like making someone really happy right now. No one in particular. I just like it when my friends are happy. You lovely people!! I'm sad I didn't get to talk to a lot of you today.

Oh, and I was very happy to learn last night that my dad is going to let me get my license as soon as I turn 16!! Yeah, a little ways away, but still. I'm so excited.

This day has been wonderful. Despite the fact I missed church.

I love kids. I don't really mind working in Children's Ministry. The kids are so sweet. One little girl told me today: 'my mommy has her hands full' I said: 'oh she does?' she was like: 'yeah, she's really busy and has a lot to do and has a baby in her I have to help her' Gracie Gibson is precious.

I wish I would have gotten to know a lot of the people before they either left the church or went on the church plant. Like Aly, both Stephanies, the Browns, Ying, Ming and some others who seem pretty much awesome. Not like there's no way of getting to know you now, it's just that it's a bit tougher. Just know that if you read this, I'm sorry for not really reaching out before you left :-/

So. I'm trying to think of something to do for the arts festival at church. Marissa reminded me today =) I'm sort of thinking of drawing something or maybe doing some photography(if you can do that?). idk....

I want to cut my hair. It's really boring right now... But I can't really change it. Because of the, oh well.

Yesterday I went to Circuit City because I had a gift card to there and I need to use it before they completely out of business. Well, I got a speaker for my MP3 player. It was funny, because I was having trouble finding something to buy. Normally, I have a huge list of stuff I want electronic-wise. But, being the budget person I am, I didn't want to spend more than I had on the gift card. So, since I had about $10 left after buying the speakers, I got like 7 kinds of candy. haha.....

haha, now I'm rambling, so maybe I should stop talking.

EDIT: I've been meaning to tell/remind everyone that if you scroll all the way down this page you can see my playlist and listen to some super awesome music =P


Wesley said...

Awesome. I wish I could get my license, but I have to pay for insurance... which I can't really afford right now.

Yes! I totally agree. I wish I could have gotten to know people better before the church plant. I realized a few months later that I didn't really know the people that well.

I believe you can do photography. =)

Just don't cut your hair really short! Pleeeeeeease! Girls should have relatively long hair.

Haha, I would have to resist spending three or four hundred dollars at circuit city...

Yes! Your playlist really is awesome, actually. =)

Emily Joy said...

Yeah, I know it's /really/ expensive. I understand your parents having you pay for it though. Probably a wise decision on their part....teaching you responsibility and how to manage your money(not suggesting that you aren't already wise and responsible). But yeah, my dad said he would pay, but I gotta pay for any increases due to my bad driving =P That said, if I ever get a job, I intend to at least pay for part of it. Because I really don't think he should have to.

Actually, at the time, very-selfish-me was happy I didn't really know many families well. I was sort of glad none of my really good friend had to leave. But now I'm pretty ashamed that I thought that. I missed out on some pretty cool friendships. I'm sorry people =(

Thanks! Yeah, maybe I'll do that.

haha! Alright, I won't....I promise. I never was planning on cutting it really short. I actually prefer longer hair. I just wanted it like ....different ...or something, idk. But thanks for your imput =P

Oh yes, me too. There is a lot I want there....just not much $25 or less. haha

Why thank you. As you can see, I have a wide range of musical tastes =)

Anonymous said...

I love Gracie ^_^

I know people have done photography for it before, so yeah, you would definitely be able to do that.

I like longish hair better, too...

Ming said...

Haha, I'm flattered, but I'm afraid I'm not that awesome. I'm rather normal--without being's a rather odd combination.

And pffft you shouldn't be apologizing for not reaching out--you were new and that is an area that I always struggled in...

But yes if you want to talk just shoot me an email or something of that nature. =)

Random--Do you like Addison Road? Don't ask me why I just asked

Emily Joy said...

well.....being new isn't a good enough excuse for me in my book. ;) But thank you!

Oh yeah. Addison Road is wonderful. My favorite song is probably 'what do I know of holy'. 'run' and 'all that matters' and 'this could be our day' are pretty great too =D

Ming said...

Ok, sweet, we should be friends, =P "What do I know of Holy" and "All that Matters" are my favorites. =)

Aly said...

Thanks, Emily! I wish I could have gotten to know you better, too. I am learning to reach out more(something you kinda have to do in a new church), but I wish I would have learned sooner.

I can't wait to get my license. I haven't talked to my parents about insurence yet, but I'll probably pay for some of it.

Post what ever you do at the art festival, and let me know when it is. Maybe I can convince my parents to let me go!

And I love kids too! Especially two years olds. I don't understand why they call them terrible twos :p

Anonymous said...

*runs and hides from Wesley* My hair has been cut rather short - just below my ears, as a matter of fact. But never fear - it shall grow again. Lol. :-)

I'm sure you can do photography - I'm looking at the entry form right now, and in the "Medium" line you could just say, "Photography" or something. :-) I'd love to see the displays you do!

Emily Joy said...

Yes, Ming!

Yeah, Aly. I am the same way.

I'll let you know about the arts festival. I don't even remember when it will be.

Two year olds are so fun. I hate it when people put that title on them. Talk about 'low expectations'. haha!

lol, Marissa! Your hair is pretty. I personally like shorter hair on you. Not that longer wouldn't be pretty too. But I think shorter hair rather suits you. ;)

And yeah, I think it would probably work. But if you need help with your thing, Marissa let me know :) I wasn't sure if you were asking me about it yesterday because you wanted help or if you were just wondering if I knew about it. Either way, I don't mind and you won't offend me. But yeah, let me know :)

Marissa said...

Did you see it on Sunday? I had just gotten it cut . . . *cough*. I don't like it /this/ short, lol.

Oh, okay. I actually might not be doing that thing, because . . . it's complicated. I'll explain in person, haha. But I will let you know if we're going to do it.

Emily Joy said...

I obviously saw your head on Sunday, but I don't remember it being any shorter.

Alright ;)

Marissa said...

lol . . . I hope my head doesn't shrink. I'm short enough as it is.

Emily Joy said...

why would your head shrink? do you mean that shorter hair would give the effect of you being shorter? I have the opposite problem and effect, haha.

Marissa said...

rofl, this is an interesting discussion. You said, "I obviously saw your head on Sunday, but I don't remember it being any shorter," and I purposely misconstrued your words, taking the "it" to mean my head.

I like the length of your hair.

Emily Joy said...

rofl! Yeah, maybe we should stop now =P

That makes sense, though, haha