January 24, 2009

What an amazingly awesome time.

I had Bethany over last night. She's a pretty amazing friend. We had a pretty amazing time. Since we both love photography, we decided to take a walk down the block and snap a few neat shots. The pictures are below. We also decided at very last minute, to go to the Preach-O-Rama. Though we were the only teens there, it was pretty amazing. Christoper Blackburn's message really related to what I've been thinking about was very good. Hopefully, there will be a post to come on that.

This morning Bethany and I spent probably over an hour reading our Bibles together. We had some very interesting discoveries. I shall hopefully post about it on my Dare 2 Dig Deeper blog later today.

Now for the pictures!!
We loved this sign. And yes, my stupid look on my face pretty much ruins the picture, but I still like it =P

A neat picture of Sophie.

haha, yeah. This was at like 2am.

Pretty much awesome B)

An old building we liked.

Dead End. Not much else to say. =P

I liked this one.

Peace, folks =D


Matt said...

haha confined space.

I likin' the socks.
the last one's the best.

Wesley said...

Those were all amazing! Looks like y'all had an excellent time. I need to have friends over to my place more often...

I look forward to reading your post on the Preach-o-Rama, which I unfortunately missed.

Morgan said...

aw sounds like you had a special time! :) i really love all those pictures! those socks are amazin, lol.

oh i wanted to go to the preachorama but lots of stuff was going on over here last night...

Mark said...


I really need to get a camera.

Anonymous said...

nice pictures. =D

Emily Joy said...

haha, thanks Matt. I like them too. =P

Thanks Wes! Yeah, it's pretty fun to have people over. I don't do ti that often, but I'm trying to do it more =)

Yeah, Preach-O-Rama was much better than I expected it to be. We were hoping you all would be there. But it was still fun, even if we were the only kids =P

Thanks Morgan! Yeah, I heard you all have a lot going on. I'm praying for y'all.

Thanks Mark and Christianne! And yes, a camera is a necessity. ;)

Matt said...

I saw the picture of BJ sitting on the steps that you That was really amazing. In fact it needs to be on the back of a CD.

Emily Joy said...

oh, yeah thanks! I liked it too =)

I need to do some photography stuff more often. I really enjoy doing it....but I often forget. Bethany really was fun to do it with!!