January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope each of you have had an amazing New Year! This year will be very interesting.....

One of the absolute biggest highlights of this year for me have been my friends. Ohmi, you all have been amazing! I know I always say it but, it's so true ;) I really feel like many of you have greatly influenced my walk with the Lord. Not many people can say that and for that I'm so grateful!

In particular:

Marissa, we have had an amazing year together. I can't believe I have only known you for a year. We have went through and done so many things together. From going through driver's ed and getting our permits, to making the movie and going to the beach. We have had such fun times. I feel like I can talk to yo about pretty much anything and you always listen.

Morgan, you are so sweet. I'm so thankful for you! You are such an example to me with your servant's heart and how great a sister you are to all your siblings. I'm had to much fun with you, like going to the swing dance and to the concert. I hope we have so many more amazing times together and that we Grow in the Lord together!

Bethany. I love your personality. You are so 'real' and always yourself. I haven't known you for real long and I haven't gotten to know yo real well yet, but you are such a Joy to be around! I can't wait to get to know you a lot better and spend lots more time with you!

Samantha, you are amazing! I haven't even know you for half of a year, yet you are one of my best friends! You are so funny and I love to to goof around with you. We too, have had so many fun times together. You make everyone feel so comfortable and laid back.

Jessi. You crack me up. I love your randomness and you are not afraid to be yourself. oh, yeahhhhh, keep it up =P

Lou. You make me laugh. A whole lot. Thanks for that =P

Anna. I have really enjoyed getting to know you. I always enjoy talking to you....although I miss not talking to you as much recently. I still hope to get to know you a lot better.

Hannah H., Melly, and Chelsey, you guys are so fun! I enjoy talking to you three a lot..... We need to get together more often.

Christianne, Emily, Becca, Cara and Hannah G. I don't really know any of you that well, but I really do want to get to know each of you a lot better in 2009 :)

Nathan....You are a great friend. You are so comfortable to be around. You also are a great encourager. You are always willing to talk for hours to a friend until they have their problems figured out. I know that has been a blessing more than once ;) Keep doing all of your amazing artsy stuff you do =D

Adam, Matt and Josiah. You guys are funny. I have enjoyed working with you guys in the movie. And doing science together, lol. w00t w00t Terry Freeman =P

Wesley, you are so cool. I still don't know you very well, but one thing that I really notice about you is your servant's heart and you love for Jesus. Both of those are great examples to me. You have also really challenged me to study God's Word more deeply.....whether you realize it or not :) Keep being you =P

Brandon. You are amazing too. I have and still am enjoying getting to know you. You are so wise in many areas of life. I have really enjoyed our one or two deep discussions....we need to have those more often ;) I look forward to getting to knwo you even more!

I just had to do that because y'all are so awesome! Yeah, and there are so many more of you....all of you are amazing!

Ok, done with that. I'm not really doing to say your average 'new years resolutions', but I definitely have a lot to work on. First, I am an AMAZING procrastinator. I really need to work of investing my time more wisely and becoming an awful procrastinator. I also really want to work on just my Bible study, worldview, and other things like that. I just want to learn, really. And I see how God has already put people in my life to help me grow. I want God to challenge me this year....yes, I may not be saying that later, but I really do.

There is a lot more, but I will stop there I think.

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL that said, Happy New Year! In God We Trust!!

You deserve a metal or something if you read through this whole post, and are still breathing =P


Morgan said...

haha i made it!!! and im still alive!! thanks for the sweet words about me! i love you.


Emily S. said...

i want to get to know you better, too! :)

Anna said...

thanks so much Emily! talk to you Sunday. =)

Anonymous said...

haha, I finished too. =D
I would really like to get to know you better!

Anonymous said...

Ahem Emmy, I believe you forgot somebody=) Did I miss how amazing, and awesome I am, and how many times we have made those hilarious videos, or all of our wonderful inside jokes we've had(I feel like I'm saying goodbye or something, haha!). What happened to all that Em, what happened?!?! Rofl, I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I'm kidding=P Happy New Year to you too!

Matt said...

whoa i was just about to do a post just like this haha.. the medal gold?

just kidding, happy new year back!

i've definitely enjoyed working with you as well!

Wesley said...

Thanks for the encouragement! It's been great getting to know you, too. You've challenged me likewise... a lot. So, yeah... thanks!

I read the whole thing... =)

Matt said...

oh yeah, and...since when have you said ya'll??!! haha

Emily said...

I'm embracing southern lingo.....after all, I've lived here since I was 3 months old, rofl! Seriously though, that is my first time =P

Matt said...

haha...strangely i sorta avoid saying southern stuff...i guess that's mostly because my mom thinks i say ya'll and i don't. so i'm trying to prove her wrong.

Emily said...

Morgan, love ya too :D

Emily, Anna, Christianne and Matt: YES, YES, YES! haha.

Wesley, you're welcome. But really? That's awesome and I'm so glad :)

Olivia, no comment. MWAHAHAHA!

Matt said...

poor olivia, haha

Anonymous said...

Gosh, well it's nice to know who your friends are. Rofl, jk!

Emily said...

lol, Livy. of course you're fun. But you're my sister. I'm addressing my friends. but I guess sisters can be friends too.

Wesley said...

Yes, really. (in reply to a comment way up the list... haha)

Anonymous said...

Haha, I know, I was kidding=P But thanks!

Emily said...

I'm so glad, Wesley.

And Olivia, maybe next time, you can sign your name so others know who you are. ;)

Marissa said...

Well, I'm commenting rather late . . .

I'm honored to make the top of your list. *bows* Just kidding. :-)

You're really special to me, too . . . thanks for encouraging me so much. I love our conversations that range from the silly to the serious. God has done so much in my life this year, one of the biggest things being the acquisition of friends - I'm so grateful He's put you in my life!

And I might be getting a blog for my birthday, so . . . I'll say more on there if I do get one. :-)

Emily said...

oh, thank you Marissa :)

Yeah, you should get a blog. However, if you do, then I might lose all my readers when they realize how depraved they are of good writing =P