January 20, 2009

Here it is kids.

We got our white fluffy stuff. Take advantage of may not see it again for few years.

haha, have fun today =P

I shall take lots of pictures and post them later today :)


Wesley said...

The uber sign thingie worked. =P

We got about half a millimeter. =(

Anonymous said...

I know... =(

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well . . . it melted by 10:30. But I got some pictures - I posted them on my blog. *smiles* I really wanted to throw a snowball, but I no one to throw it at except the dogs. So I'll have to wait a few years for that, I guess, lol.

Emily said...

We got probably about an inch or an inch and a half. Bentley adores the snow. I went outside and played with him. Liv and Sof made a miniature snowman...but he's almost dead now. haha

Pictures to come =)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and not to mention he was the most hideous snowman who ever lived(and who now is dead), lol=P


Matt said...

haha my dog loves the snow too. he like goes insane when it snows.