January 6, 2009


Sometimes the computer really annoys me. I care too much about it. I always misinterpret things online and I feel that others always misinterpret me. I frustrates me. Sometimes, throughout the day, I depend on the computer too much for my joy. This is why I'm changing my mind about getting a Facebook. I would like one, but I think it will be a distraction for me.

Sometimes I just wish I could live close enough to my friends to that I can talk to them--and see them in person. I wish I could see all of you everyday. Whenever I go home from church, I'm always so happy, because I've had great conversations and Biblical fellowship with you guys. That makes me feel so full. I just wish I didn't have to rely on the computer to 'be my companion' during the week....even though I am talking to my's not the same.


Matt said...

hey i know what you mean, Em. if you really feel that way, than i'd say it's a good idea not to keep trying to get an FB, much as you and i and everyone else wants you to.

Emily said...

Yeah...maybe someday. But not yet.