January 29, 2009

The Duggar's n' more....

Last night we watched another show on the Duggar family. I rarely watch TV, but I really wanted to see this. The Duggar's are a very neat family to me. I'd really like to meet them. Although they are a bit different from our family, I still really like them. Anyhow, their oldest son has recently gotten married so the show was about his wedding and engagement. Their example of purity was awesome =)

Today, I got school done really quickly. I've been super motivated today. That's a great feeling. But I still need to go do some reading done. I'm currently procrastinating. But seriously, I'm go do it after I finish this post. =P

hmmm...what else to say? Not much. Oh, but here is a random picture of Sullie.....

Happy Thursday! Have a stellar night. haha!


Morgan said...

i watched that show too and it really encouraged me... you don't see that very often these days!

Matt said...


I've only see that show a couple of times.
know what you mean about school there.

Emily Joy said...

lol, Matt.

Yeah Morgan, it was very neat B)

Marissa said...

I had to use the word "stellar" in a sentence for Latin yesterday. It made me laugh. I put, "Stellar is radder than rad." I thought you'd like that, Matt.

We watched the Duggars once. And that was enough. We all found it slightly annoying and unrealistic . . . but I don't know.

You got a new hedgie! I love his colors. :-)

Emily Joy said...

I don't get what a lot of people have against the Duggar's. Their mom is so peaceful, but I'm sure she has her moments like anyone else. I'm not like putting them on a pedestal or anything, but I think what they've done is to be admired. Not saying it's the thing for everyone....and probably not for me, but I think it's really neat and I really respect their family :)

Oh thanks! I've had him for a little over a month. He's such a sweetie.