January 20, 2009

It's official.

We have a new president. I can't wait to see how God will work through him, because I have no earthly idea how He will. I'm glad I'm not in control and I'm glad we have a faithful God :)

I feel bad for President Bush. Obama has been extremely disrespectful to him.....especially for not even knowing what it's like to be in office yet. Everyone has talked bad of him. I don't think he did an amazing job, but my goodness, he's not a terrible person and he has done some right.

Did anyone notice that when they were announcing all the people they said their full name like 'George Herbert Walker Bush' but when they got to our new president they said 'Barack H. Obama'......

I thought that was weird.


Wesley said...

That's a new view on it! Now I'm almost happy! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT GOD IS GONNA DO WITH OBAMA!!!!!! =) =P

I must agree. Bush messed up real bad when it came to the economy, but he has done more to fight AIDS and Malaria in Africa than anyone else.

Did you expect them to call him "Hussein?" Haha.

Emily said...

Yep! I totally meant that too. =)

Financially, yeah, he's totally liberal. But I'm so thankful he didn't waver on his view on abortion.

Exactly my point! haha. =P

hannah said...

Yea that was weird
Did you see how the Clinton's and the Bush's(the older ones) treated each other when the met each other?Another couple was their too and the Clinton's totally ignored the Bush's but they were very nice to the other couple,they didn't even shake hands or anything!!!!

Matt said...

i heard them say his middle name at least once.