January 8, 2009

Call me a nerd.....

So today I was reading science...Chemistry, particularly. They were talking about how there is a lot of light we can't see, as a matter a fact, we can only see a small percentage of the light. Well, this never occurred to me, but the energy generated by, let's say, a microwave is really just light. Or, even radio waves are waves of light. idk, I just thought they'd be 'waves of sound' or something like that.

Another interesting thing I read the other day was how sometimes light acts like a 'wave' and sometimes like a 'particle' and the scientists really don't understand it, but since they don't know for an absolute fact and all of science points towards it being both, they assume it's a mix of both(I can't remember what they called it, though). What I found interesting about this is with evolution and creation, there is a lot more proof the creation is correct plus of course the most sound and correct historical document in the world supports it(the Bible). Yet, they choose to ignore everything pointing to God as the creator and treat evolution as a scientific fact, when it really is only a theory. Stuff like this bothers me.

But really, why is it so incredibly comforting to believe that you basically evolved from mud and an ape is a 'higher rank' than yourself? I don't get it.

I could keep going on and on about stuff I read, but you probably are tired of school your self and I don't want to bore you so I'll stop.

Yeah, just about every day I find something in my school that really interests me..... I like learning.

I really miss algebra.

I'm excited about this weekend for many reasons. It's going to be really busy, but full of fun stuff too.

*for some odd reason, I currently hear a bunch of gun shots out side--weird*

hmmm, I say 'interesting' a lot don't I?

I'm currently reading the 'Worldliness' Book for the first time. Anyone who hasn't read it REALLY needs too. It's very good. As a matter a fact, when I'm finished with it, I will loan it to anyone interested in reading it.

Another random thought: I think it would be really cool to have a big brother. Seriously, I think it would be neat. It would actually be really different to have a brother(younger or older) period. =D

Yeah, so there you long rambling thoughts for the day. If you just skipped to the bottom and are reading this last line, I don't blame you =P


Marissa said...

Yes, that part in chemistry was interesting to me as well. Though not as just plain cool as Lewis structures. *sighs*

I miss algebra too. Well, I'm doing "Advanced Algebra," but it's more like algebra/geometry/trigonometry mixed. And thus it has proofs, which are my *cough* great weakness in math.

*endorses "Worldliness" as well* Especially the "God, My Heart, and Music" chapter by Bob Kauflin. Read it. It says everything I've always thought only so much better than I could ever say it.

Big brothers are nice. Sometimes. I've always wanted a sister, though. So let's just combine our families and we can have the best of both worlds! Lol.

Anonymous said...

that's interesting... I didn't exactly follow the entire thing but it was still interesting...

there's SO MUCH evidence for creation that I don't have a clue why people still believe in evolution...

haha, I say interesting a lot, too...

my weekend is busy too...

I'm planning on reading "Worldliness" sometime soon. =D

and big brothers are amazing. =D

BJ said...

I thought it was cool how The Bible is actually the most historically correct document in the.. history of time =P

Worldliness is amazing.. well the book it =P
And I've only read a little bit of the music chapter and I was already so changed.. i guess is the word. Well my thinking has changed and how I look at music and Movies.

and like Christianne said. Brothers are amazing. =D
I used to want a sister.. but I argue too much with Brandon now to want a sister =P cause I Think it would be ten times worse =P

Matt said...

i read all of it.

and yeah...i read about that in physical science and was quite fascinated by it. it would would just totally humiliate me to believe in evolution, to tell the truth.

Wesley said...

Haha, I remember learning about photons. They're like very short waves... they oscillate up and down instead of back and forth like a sound wave, and travel like a particle... it is weird...

I want to read that book...

It takes more faith to know about evolution and believe in it than it does to believe in the Bible. The Bible makes a lot more sense, really.

What do you mean you don't have any brothers?!?!? =P

Emily said...

whoa! I'm proud of you all. You read it!

Yeah, Wesley. Isn't it weird?

Like I said, any of you who don't have it are welcome to borrow my copy when I finish it!

hm...well...I guess that every one of you girls are my sisters and each of you guys are my brothers--in Christ. Yay! lol