April 1, 2009


I really want to go on a missions trip right now. I'm struck with awe right now on how people who hardly have enough to live are so thankful.

I want to die to myself to go help those who have nothing. I want to devote my life to whatever God has in plan for me serving Him. Even if that includes giving away all I have and moving to a third world country. That would be really tough, but I would do it.

You know, I would actually love for my family to adopt a child from another country. The most unwanted, un-adoptable child, if possible. I just have such a heart for those poor children. But even God has a plan for them. Isn't that incredible to think about? God sees them and loves them, even if no one else does. Amazing.


Aly said...

I know what you mean! I would love to go on one of the India E-teams and to adopt unwanted children who have never known parents.