April 29, 2009

Something like...a shade of blue.

....I'm quite fond of them. And yes, I've probably lost most of my sanity.
I look so weird there^

But, no, I didn't get glasses. And if I ever do, I doubt they'll be so...bold. They're just some cheap ones I bought because we needed them to the movie =P


Matt said...

lol that middle one is weird.

well okay they're all pretty weird, haha.


Olivia said...

Uhhhh, wow Em... I mean, I've seen these pics before, but...well...I never thought you'd post them on your blog:) lol no, they're awesome! But yeah, I'd have to agree with Matt...the middle one is kinda creepy=P That was a kinda mean way to scare your friends, making them think you actually got those for your new glasses, haha, jk! Oh, and no offense to Aunt Rhonda=P

Wesley said...

I don't see what's so weird about the middle one... lol Is it 'cause you're smiling to the side?

Anywho, those glasses look awesome on you! If you do ever get glasses, you should get ones that look rather like that.

Matt said...

yeah I think it's cuz of the crooked smile...but yeah glasses similar to that would be awesome. Just not bright blue lol

Anonymous said...

they're really cute!!!!! I like them. A lot.


Aly said...

They're so cute! V. bold!

Emily Joy said...

wow! I didn't really expect all these responses. haha, but thanks everyone. And Matt and Wes, maybe I will get some like these...if I ever need them that is :)