April 18, 2009

Where to start?

Well, these past few days have had so much going on, I don't know where to start!

On Wednesday, we went to IKEA, had lunch there and did some shopping. It was actually quite fun...even for some one like me who's not too fond of shopping excursions. =) The food was good, lol.... A few pictures are below!

A kind of weird sign....or at least I found it weird =PA really cool round bed/mattress!
I liked these polka-dot rugs =)

haha, this HUGE sign made me laugh!(see below as well.)

Can't you just see someone complaining that their 50 cent hot dog wasn't as big as the one on the sign?

Later on in the evening, we had our lovely friends Bethany and Lindsay over. Lindsay spent a few hours showing me all the secrets of facebook(still not sure if I even want one....) and then we went outside and made a little fire, sat around it, played guitar, listened to music and made s'mores. That was quite fun. It reminded me of Brandon and B.J's party around the fire. =) Fun times.

Thursday, we cleaned literally all day, as we had some out of town guests coming to stay the night. They were some of my parents friends(whom I did not even know who they were, lol). And they left Friday morning.

On Friday, I had a computer fast. That was an awesome day. I really think I need to have computer fasts on a regular basis. And I'm really starting to get the computer, which makes me very happy! I spent a lot of the day outside taking pictures(which will be posted soon!). And then of course, we ha the 'family meeting' at church that night. I told Marissa afterwards that I absolutely love having Mr. Connelly as my pastor. How much I respect his wisdom and guidance. =) Yes, I love him....and all the pastors really.

And lastly, for today. Today is 2 very special people's birthdays. 1st, my mom's and 2nd, Anna's! I'm not going to make a post about my mom since she doesn't ever read my blog. But I'll just say right now that she is incredible and such a great example to me. I'm so blessed to have her as a mom. And for Anna, a special post is coming later for her. =)

This morning, we made a special breakfast in bed for my mom and opened gifts shortly after. And later tonight, we'll be taking her out for dinner and have cake and ice cream.

My mom took me in for my first interview this morning as well! And, I'm very thankful and happy to say that I got a job =D I am going to be working with a petting zoo, doing fairs, festivals, parties, educational programs and also doing tons of work caring for and bottle feeding baby animals. I am so excited about this, I really feel like this is totally God's hand that brought this to me! Anyways, maybe a post will come in a week or two after I do my first event!

Sorry this was so long. I'll try to post more regularly so that I don't have to make all my posts so long =/


Aly said...

I love IKEA!!!! I don't like shopping much either, but I can stand IKEA. I had noticed the "not actual size" thing," too!!

Cleaning, fun ;)

Do they have a job opening for me, too! JK! Sounds like it's not actually a "job"!

Wesley said...

I have yet to go to Ikea. I suppose I should sometime. lol

Tell your mom happy birthday for me!!! =)

And the section about you getting a job goes at the end of the post? Haha, that's pretty awesome that you got hired. =)

Emily Joy said...

lol Aly! Well, it's not your traditional job(to my delight, haha), but I get a weekly paycheck and have to pay taxes on it, so I'd consider that 'real' ;)

Yeah, IKEA is neat. But to me, when I'm their I feel like I'm not in America. It all seems very foreign to me. I mean, I know it is, but it just really doesn't seem to have any American influences...

Thanks Wes =D