April 14, 2009

I'm posting because Nathan said no one posts enough. I guess I don't post as much because I feel like I have nothing interesting to say. But I guess I'll post...for the sake of it =P

Ok, so this is going to be random, but this has been bugging me and has been on my mind recently.

I hate the word hate. It's really sad to me how frivolously that word is used. I think a lot of people use it with out even thinking of it's intensity. I was talking to some people not too long ago that said they hated several people within like one paragraph.

Definition of hate: To fill intense animosity or hostility toward.
Definition of animosity: Bitter hostility or open enmity. Ill will or resentment.
Definition of hostility: Unfriendly and aggressive feelings or behavior. Act of war.

So, if I hate someone, that means I feel intensely/very strongly that I want to cause harm to them, hurt them and/or create a type of 'war' with them. Do you really mean that when you say hate?

I just feel like it's a very strong word and it shouldn't be a word commonly used when talking about....well everything, but particularly people. Please just think about it.

*stepping off my soapbox now*

Easter was lovely. I loved the sermon on Easter Sunday. It wasn't like your classic Easter message, as it was on Joy, but Mr. Connelly did a good job of connecting it to the gospel and the Cross. And I had a good time laughing afterwards =D Anybody do anything special for Easter?

So, this week is my spring break. It is so nice to not have any school to do and to be about to sleep in a little. I hopefully will get to do a few fun things with friends tomorrow and maybe on Thursday. That should make my spring break even better!

Oh, and my goat keeps trying to bit me. It's weird. He hasn't manage to injure me again though. I hope he gets over this soon, lol!

And now I have nothing else to say. So bye! And if you read this, and you have a blog, then post! ;-)


Matt said...

yeah it's sad how much we use that word.

my grandma came over for dinner but taht was all.

yeah I REALLY need to post haha

Aly said...

Okay! I toatally agree with you on hate. It is really used out of context so much.
We had a great Easter! After luch, we got to play volley ball and a great game of frisbee. Other than that, not much to say =D

Nathan said...

I think you're talking about our conversation on Sunday, right? I remember saying that i hated several people. You're totally right, most times when i say that i have no reason to. There are several cases though, completely right or completely wrong, that i feel my use of the word is justified. :-/ But enough of the depressing stuff...

Easter was amazing! I ended up going to a little coffee house with Brandon and just talking for two hours which was great, and then going to the Harris's with Brandon which was a lot of fun too :-)

That goat is hilarious. I hope it stops biting you though 0.o

Emily Joy said...

Really, it doesn't matter who said something. But just so you know, i don't remember anything like that on Sunday. But, remember to love our enemy(not like I'm any example...this is for me too) and don't hate them, but rather the sin in them :)

Oh, I just love days like that where I can just hang out with a friend and talk for a long time. Those days are the best.