April 20, 2009

My favorite parts of one of my favorite songs

I think I'm going to change this into a prayer for my life...

Ever since the day that I saw Your face
Try as I may, I cannot look away, I cannot look away…
I am captivated by You
May my life be one unbroken gaze
Fixed upon the beauty of Your face
Beholding is becoming, so as You fill my view
Transform me into the likeness of You
This is what I ask, for all my days
That I may, never look away, never look away…
No other could ever be as beautiful
No other could ever steal my heart away
I just can’t look away…

What I have come to realize is that the more I grow in my walk with the Lord, the easier it is to love Him. To me, He just gets more beautiful, more attractive and more awesome(if that's even possible). I agree with Mr. Connelly in a message he had not to long ago. God is the most attractive thing ever. The most lovely thing ever and the most lovely thing to have and see in a friend(their love for God).


Matt said...

that's one of the best songs I've ever heard...definitely a good life song.

Emily Joy said...

mmmhmmm. It's lovely....and it couldn't describe my life any better right now.