April 3, 2009

*You're fabulous*....and a few other notes

Well, not too long ago, I was honored to be awarded to be picked of one of 5 fabulous blogs by Kimberly.

In order to receive my 'award', I need to do two things: 1. confess five things to which I am addicted, and 2. pass the award on to five other fabulous blogs.

I will list 5 things I love, but I hate to say addicted, as I try to only be addicted to God :-)
1. God!
2. music
3. friends
4. church
5. thinking deeply(weird, I know, but true).

Now, for the very hard part of picking 5 people. Please know that I would list every single one of you if I could...

EDIT: Ok...I'm having a way too hard time choosing just 5 people. So...I've decided not to choose anyone. That's how much I love you all =P Can't pick just 5 =)

Other randomness…. This weekend should be fantastic! Arts Festival is tomorrow….I can’t wait to see everyone’s art and performances. Of course, I’ll probably be really nervous when it’s time for our skit, lol, but all should hopefully go smoothly! I’m really looking forward to church on Sunday, as I’ve missed two weeks now. I had CM both weeks because the fourth week was my week to serve and then I had to go fill in for someone who didn’t show up last week. Then, of course there is care group, which will be especially enjoyable if everyone comes =)

This week has been very full. I can hardly remember what I’ve been up too. We just got a bunch of new furniture for my parent’s room, so we’ve been busy moving out the old stuff and unpacking the new stuff. Um, seems like we’ve done more, but I honestly am drawing a blank at the moment. Oh, I know...I got to spend a few hours with my amazing friend Marissa. She’s so fun!

Oh, and for April Fools, I only played one joke….haha. I’m not good at keeping a straight face, so the only joke I played was via email, lol.


Marissa said...

I'm excited for the Arts Festival, too! :-) It was fun spending time with you on Tuesday night.

I only played one joke, too, but yours was much better. *sighs* I am so gullible.

Emily Joy said...

hehe, what joke did you play?

Marissa said...

Well, Josiah had been terribly sick on Monday, so we were all washing our hands, etc., trying to keep from getting whatever he had. So I came out of my room and found my dad at the computer on April 1st . . . and I told him that I felt horribly sick. *nods* Very lame, but he believed me until I said "April Fools!"