April 9, 2009

Life and such.

So, yeah, it's a bit hard to do the 'posting everyday thing'. I've actually had quite an interesting and eventful few days.

Yesterday, we very last minutedly(lol) had the Bell's over. We, as always, had a lovely time with them....which consisted of mainly eating pizza, laughing and watching youtube videos. It's sort of a tradition, lol. And we were able to talk Abby into playing Captivated for us. ^_^

Anddd, for the past several weeks, my dad has been organizing and preparing to basically tear apart his entire bathroom down to the 2x4's and remodel the entire thing. So, almost daily, we've had packages showing up....some are small....other are rather two sinks and a bath tub. haha, but it's pretty exciting. Just a few days ago, he started tearing the wall out. That looks like so much fun to me. I really am hoping he'll let me go in there with a sledge hammer. =D But I guess I'm weird like that.

Oh, but he just cut a pipe on accident and it made a big mess and is apparently a big pain to fix now. I feel bad for him... Now we have our water turned off, until he fixes it...I hope it's fixed soon! We might be living off of bottled water for a little while, haha :-) I'm glad I have a daddy of many talents, lol =P

Um...oh, yeah! I'm applying for my first job. Well, actually two different jobs, with the possibility of one more. But, what really excites me is that they all involve working hands on with animals and should be very enjoyable and a great experience. So, we'll see what happens. I'm not getting my hopes up. I know God's and control and if it's the right job, I'll get it. I only hope that if/when I get a job, that it won't eat up all my time. I don't really want to work all the time...I just want to be able to start saving for college, etc. and have a regular paycheck :-)

I'm so glad youth group is tomorrow. There is no place I'd rather be than at church. Seriously. But yes, I'm looking forward to seeing most of my super friends and hopefully having an awesome time with the Lord.

Then, there's Easter on Sunday. I love Easter! I just wish more people would remember the true meaning of it. =/

Oh, and I've been thinking about something. It's probably going to sound strange though. I want to live as though I'm going to die at any minute. Yep. As much as we all know it could happen, I think we too often forget. Or if we knew that the Lord was coming back on a particular date. I can bet you a lot of us would be living differently if we knew we were going to die soon. You know? I'm not stalking about being Saved....although that's a big part of it for everyone who doesn't know Him. And this guy is a great reminder...for me at least. He's a huge inspiration:

Hmmm, well, I guess I better go now! Peace.