April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Chad!

I know Chad doesn't read my blog...or at least I don't think he does =P But anyways, Happy Birthday Chad!! You are amazing on the piano and the guitar. And you give me another reason to practice and get better. ;) You're really funny and it will be fun filming the movie with you! I have seen you grow in your walk with the Lord over the past and it really excites me :)

Happy birthday =D

Oh, and just 'cuz I wanna say this: Save the whales!(even though I know nothing about that joke =P)


Nathan said...

Hahaha i find it ironic that you mentioned Chad and the Whale in the same post... hahahaha... you don't know about that do you?? =P

Emily Joy said...

Well, I know there's a joke about it...and that he has that whale shirt...I just don't know....the joke's roots =P I'm hoping it's not a bad joke or something =P