April 16, 2009

Thank you.

Thank you my friends.

Thank you....

to those of you who care about me enough to humble yourselves and confront my sin.
for caring about my character and growth.
for always loving me even when I'm not so lovable.
for you girls who have been like my sisters.
for you guys who have been like my brothers.
for forgiving me the so many times that I've messed up.
for encouraging me.
for making me smile and bring joy into my life.
to those of you who have awesome deep discussions with me.
to those who know when to be serious and when to have a good time.
to those of you who don't care what anyone but God thinks of you...
to those of you that are older than me and wiser....thank you for your wisdom and counsel.
for laughter.
to those of that are striving for holiness and Godliness.
to those who try to honor God in everything you do.
for challenging me.
for Doing Hard Things.
for being down to earth.
for all of you that use you talents to honor God.
for knowing what matters in life.

I could obviously keep going for a while. I love all of you. =) I was just overwhelmed today when I was thinking about all of you today. I thanked God for each of you today. =)

I'm hopefully taking a computer fast tomorrow, so I'll probably post on Saturday...


Matt said...

I hope i'm at least one of those haha

well we love you too :)