March 30, 2009

hey! I'm a teenager.

But I have decided to not live as one. I'm not living my life moment to moment. I'm not living my life to have a good time. My life is not about rebelling or clothes or dating. My life is valuable and will not be wasted. I am determined not to look back on my teen years wishing I would have made better use of them. I do not want to look back and regret bad choices I made. I'm not going to give myself away to this culture. I'm not going to conform to it's standards.

I realize I could die at any minute. I realize you could die at any minute. This is why I can't wait. I can not wait until I'm an adult to be serious about life. To be serious about God.

So, if anyone ever asks why. This is why.

My life is not worth wasting. Jesus' blood is not worth wasting.

This is why I'm a Rebelutionary. And this is why I need God.


Morgan said...

awesome emily!

Aly said...

Amen, girl! I totally agree with you!

Matt said...

I agree with all of this...great post :)