March 4, 2009

*insert creativity here*

Alright so, there is so much I could talk about right now. Ah, I feel like I keep talking about the same stuff. So, I'm sorry if it's bugging you. But I guess this is what my blog is for...right?

Today was Floy's funeral. Floy was Bethany's and Brandon's great aunt, I believe. I'm glad I could be there. I'm just glad Floy is with Jesus now and no longer is in pain. But she was a very sweet lady and seems to be very funny, so I know she most definitely will be missed. =/ *hugs to the Calvert fam* I love them!

So anyways, I currently am sick. Luckily, I'm not too miserable yet, but I've felt worse each day since Saturday. =/ I just hope it goes away before the weekend. As I have lots of plans =)

But really, God is on my mind right now. Ah, I just love Him so much!!! It's incredible to me how He has changed so much in me these past few months. Every day I feel even closer to Him and feel Him more in my life. I just want to serve God. I feel like He is really helping me grow in that.

And(I'll stop after this I, promise!!), I have really felt a calling to do something in ministry. Like, I no longer feel like anything else matters as long as I can be serving God...and this is a big change for me. This does not mean that I'm still not incredibly sinful and selfish, but I do feel like I'm becoming more aware of my sin and my dire need for Jesus in my life.


Matt said...

haha yeah....your posts are getting a little repetitive...but whatever. It doesn't bother me...