March 7, 2009


This weather is gorgeous!!! I love it. It's so hard to believe that it snowed less than a week ago. I think I'm going to go do something fun outside. I love the outdoors..... I actually feel like being sporty today and playing volleyball! I love volleyball, although I've only played like twice in my entire life =D Actually, I really should give the horse a!

And yes, I do realize that by the middle of the summer I'll be talking about how hot it is out side and how nice it would be for it to be fall or winter, haha. But I'm going to enjoy this weather for now!!

Have an awesome day my friends!!


Matt said...

yeah the weather has been amazing for the past few days............I still see just a little bit of snow in big piles.

Mark Hartwick said...

Now I have a craving to play volleyball...

You should play volleyball at Youth Group!

Emily said...

Haha, Mark...I may....but I don't want to mess up the game for you good people =P