March 11, 2009

"Dear Emily....."

"Congratulations Emily! We have seen your academic achievements and are quite impressed! Because you are so incredible, we're sending you a free book which you will receive in a few days! Here is your personal log in to your own web page that will help you in choosing the most perfect college for your needs! Go to and sign in with the following ID: xxxxxx Because we care about you!!!......."

Ah! I should not have checked the little box on the PSAT saying to get info on college stuff! Every day I'm getting at least one letter or email from a college. It would be one thing if I really was this 'special, impressive' student that they want in their college(and even with that I would not be that interested), like they say I am. But no. I'm one of millions of kids that they send their cheesy junk to, haha. How can anyone look at their letter and really think that it is a special letter that is just to them? It's annoying. Today I got a particularly confusing letter about my 'nomination' to go to some medical conference....and how I'm in the top 1% who gets this offer and so on.... from what I've read everyone gets this and no one 'nominated' me(and sadly, I'm not that smart). lol.

Anyhow, yes, my little rant. lol Has anyone else signed up for this?


Aly said...

Interesting. I haven't done it yet, but I probably will soon.

Wesley said...

I know what you're talking about. I sometimes get like two or three in one day. I haven't gotten any in a while... I probably got about 30 letters and fliers from various colleges. If they really wanted /me/, they would send a personal letter, haha...

Marissa said...

I think it's hilarious. And frustrating - I get these letters from "prestigious" schools (including a few woman's colleges . . . ), but I've only received one from a Christian school, other than the information I've requested from various schools.

But yes. I love taking their little quizzes and finding out from one college that I should major in something like accounting, and learning from another that my perfect major is humanities. It makes me laugh.

Nathaniel G. said...

Hmm that's kinda' funny.

Sorry I just think that saying blah blah blah is funny, I know my comment is sort of pointless haha =D

Matt said...

haha Adam gets those things all the time...thankfully I haven't...yet.

Emily Joy said...

Yes Matt and Aly, you'll probably get them as well, but if you do not check that little box on the PSAT, you'll probably get a lot less :)

haha, yeah, Wesley. Now if someone sent me a personal letter, then that would be another story. ;) It would be nice for once to get something addressed to me that is not junk, lol.

I haven't requested any info yet. I'll probably be doing that soon. I haven't taken any of their quizzes, but yeah, they can be interesting to take. I personally always read into the questions and so, I don't think they're always very accurate.

haha, yeah Nathaniel =)