March 14, 2009


I'm sorry that I've not been posting as regularly recently. I have been busy with school and just general life =)

Youth group was last night. We brought our amazing friends the Taylor's with us. I'm glad they could come =) Although I wish youth group could go longer =/

This morning we clean the church. It's really not that bad and I don't really mind.

But, anyways I wanna get everyone excited about God. I want to cause a ripple effect through all my friends and hopefully those who don't even know me. I love seeing people crazy about God. I don't want to see just a little spark....Truthfully, He is the most important thing in my life and I hope it's the same for you all. Because if God is not the center of your life, He needs to be. I want Jesus to break you down so that you realize how much you need Him. I want God to be so attractive to you that you just want to be with Him.

I want to see a wildfire that is out of control. I don't want to see some type of 'infatuation' that does not last. I want it to be a start of something BIG!

I want it to feel like I did when I made this post and when Mark made this post and when a few others made like posts. I just want that to come and stay. Forever. I basically want everyone to go insane about Jesus.

If you read this I want you to reply telling me a quality you love about Christ. What makes you excited about Him? I think that the more we reflect on His awesomeness, the more it will set us on fire for Him!!

Tomorrow will be awesome. I'm looking forward to church and to worship and to time with friends that I love so dearly. Worship will be amazing. I just know it.


Anna said...

worship WILL be amazing! The M28 band is playing so that makes it even more amazing. =)

You're going to be worshiping with a bunch of college students who have just been refreshed by the Lord. So it'll be neat.

Emily Joy said...

Yes, that's exactly why I said it will be amazing. =)

Morgan said...

awesome emily!
gosh, just one quality i love about Christ is his unending love!!
and yeah, worship was AMAZING today!

Matt said...

wish I could have stayed for youth! well I got to see some people coming in anyway...and met Chad. so yeah...

haha lately your posts are all the same almost..but in a good way :D

Emily Joy said...

yeah, Matt...too bad that you couldn't stay...

yeah...I've been very un-creative recently...