February 19, 2009

Tomorrow shall be good.

Home alone, chemistry lab, mini movie meeting , Bells for pizza night= GOOD times =D

Today was another good day. I wrote 2 songs...lyrics and music. I babysat. That makes me happy =) Wish I could of seen BJ and Brandon, though =/

I'm trying to think of a name for my guitar. =D Ideas?


Mark Hartwick said...

When you are naming stuff, it makes a big difference whether you are a guy or girl. For example, I named my car Sheila. I'm almost positive a girl wouldn't name her car Sheila.

So yeah I don't really have any suggestions :)

Joy. said...

Oh I wish you could've come too.

this week has just been crazy with all this Harold stuff.

But we need to get together to hang out sometime soon! maybe us caregroup girls could get together one night? idk.

haha. I named my guitar Conway. soo =P idk.

Matt said...

I didn't get to come to the mini movie meeting :(

you're supposed to name it a girl name. Or it can be confused like Metalloid haha

Emily said...

haha, thanks for your expert advice Mark =P

I know BJ! We should =)

Yeah Matt =/

But actually it seems like it's normally the other way around?

Matt said...

It sounds like you didn't do much though. And I'm sure you didn't miss me too much, haha.

you mean a girl should name her stuff with guy names?
...or are you even talking to me, haha?