February 10, 2009


I can't believe that I haven't posted in five whole days! haha Well, I'm just been really busy =)

Friday night I had Marissa spend the night. We didn't fall asleep until like 3am.... Fun stuff =D We tried to cook a cookie, because our oven was broken:

It didn't work =P

Saturday, something kind of un-expected happened. I was in my room very quietly playing guitar and I suddenly heard a few very loud squeaks from the hedgehog room. loud squeaks=not good. So, I went to take a peak. Tiggie, the mom was freaking out and throwing her babies all over the cage. She had one in her mouth when I saw her. Well, knowing her history, I wasn't going to leave those babies in there. So, I ended up having to drive all 4 babies to Shelby, NC to my mentor's house so that one of her females could foster them. That was a rough day. The babies are doing fine now, though =)

Sunday, church was awesome, as always. The lady's testimony really inspired me.... After church, Morgan came home with us. We hung out for a few hours, then were on our way to meet the Graf's, Matt, and Stephanie to go to a concert. Turns out we got great seats =D The concert was awesome. Right when the concert started, they told everyone that we could come up front. So I was able to get some pretty close up videos and pictures.... EDIT: I just realized that the videos take forever to upload. For that reason, they are going to come in another post soon =)

The first group that preformed was Miles 7. They were pretty good. There guitarist made me laugh:

The second group was Kimber Rising. They weren't really my style and I didn't care for their voices that much:

Next was Above the Golden State. I loved this guy. He was so laid back, had a very cool voice and his music was unique =) He was quite possibly my favorite! He was telling us that he could afford to bring his band with him =( It sorta made me want to give him a big donation. One song he played the ukulele, and another he played the guitar and harmonica while he sang. Impressive =P
Last was Building 429. They were really good. the main singer, Jason came out before hand and told us about a missions trip he went on. That was really, really touching and sad, but also happy. I makes me want to go on a missions trip even more. And it makes me want to sponsor a child. Actually, I really think I am going to sponsor a child. =)

My favorite song that he sang was 'Always'. It had a very sad story behind it.....Very awesome. I loved how he kept point the entire concert to God.

Now for meeting the bands. That was really neat too. Above the Golden state was awesome to meet. Stephanie and I talked to him for a few minutes. He was really nice and funny:Miles 7 was funny too. They were slightly awkward acting, haha, hence the somewhat strange picture =P Lastly, I met B429. Their manager was rushing everyone along, so I only got a picture. I didn't really get to talk to them =/Excuse the red eyes....I'm too lazy to fix them all =P Videos coming soon =)


morgan joy said...

very nice pics! haha, i took the last one... ;)

morgan joy said...

I mean the 2nd to last one...

Emily said...

yep! You did =D

Matt said...

Michael from ATGS was definitely the best. and mile 7's guitarist was annoying, yet hilarious.

nice pics.

Anonymous said...

Michael signed my shoe. *cough*

You forgot to mention the unburnt part of our cookie tasted like a pancake. :-P

It was kind of weird hearing B429 again, since Jason basically said the *exact* same things he said at the last concert. But yes, I've always loved "Always."