February 16, 2009


I'm having trouble with titles, haha!

So. Youth Group was awesome....yes. The message was great. And my friends are great. I have so many funny quotes from this weekend it's crazy. Particularly a few things Nathan said =P

The other night Sophie was talking about the 'I Love Lucy' show. She was trying to tell me how Ethel was scolding her husband. But she said 'so, you know Esle from the show? She was scalding her husband.....' haha, THEN I was going to tell Olivia about it while I was straightening her hair the other day. Strangely enough, Olivia exclaims 'EMILY! you're scolding my hair!!!' right before I was going to tell her about this =P That made me laugh.

Church was great too, but I was exhausted. I did not get very much sleep the night before. I frustrate myself sometimes. So there was this new girl that was visiting, and they sat right behind us in church. Afterwards, I was going to go talk to her and introduce some other girls to her. Because I know what it's like to be the 'new girl'. Well, I did do that, but I don't think I made her very comfortable. I just get upset when I act awkward around people. Oh well, I guess I tried. Anyhow, I hope she comes back. She seemed very nice :)

Care group was last night. I did child care with Marissa, so I missed the discussion time, but that's ok. =) At least I got to stay for worship. I love worship. And I love kids too. So yeah, it was fun =P

So, I'm entering this song writing competition with Adam, Matt, and my friend Will. I'm really excited to see how the song turns out. I finally finished writing it and today they're supposed to get together and write the music to it. I don't care if we win, but I just think it's fun! Actually, I want Nathan and Wesley to win.....because their money will be used for Awake =)

Today, I am a determined person. I'm determined not to waste another day doing nothing. I'm determined not to do what I do oh so well: procrastinate. I'm also a happy person, because I sort of go the day off school. =)

Last night, my dad told me I gotta start keeping track of everything I buy. Because I gotta start paying taxes this year. Even though I only breed hedgehogs. But I'm hoping that I'll get a 'real' job this year.

Because, when I get a real job, then I can sponsor a child. Which I /really/ want to do. And I can start taking some extra music piano and violin. Which I /really/ want to do as well. And, I can get paid on a regular basis, which would be nice.

I just love music. I just realized that this is getting long(sorry). And I gotta go to some other stuff. But lastly, thanks for being such great friends. I mean it. Each of you are incredibly awesome.

Um, I just wasted your time. If you skipped just to the end to read this, I don't blame you =P This ends now.


Nathan said...

Haha Emily i doubt i said anything noteworthy on Friday =P

Unknown said...

yeah, sometimes it takes me 5 minutes just to think up a title for my posts.

Don't worry about how long a post is. A lot of times it's the longer ones that are better ;)

Matt said...

actually I'm planning to donate some of the money to AMP if we win...

your welcome. You're a good friend too.

And I did read the whole thing, the longer ones are better :)