February 4, 2009

Did we break a record!?!

Snow TWICE in one year? haha! Yeah, I'm glad we got it again....we didn't get quite as much as last time, but that's ok =D

Picture might be coming soon...we'll see ;)

Can you believe it's already February!?!


Anonymous said...

We didn't even get the slightest hint of snow. *sighs*

I'm glad it's February - one more step to summer. I usually don't look forward to summer, but this year I am - if it's not even going to be winter, it might as well be something, and that might as well be summer. I like my logic. :-P

Joy. said...

Hahaha Marissa!
I like your logic too =P

haha we got tons of snow.. like. 2inches or something. Its pretty awesome.

Aly said...

Wow! I think we did break a record ;)