February 5, 2009

it's not worth your time.

This post is probably not worth your time. Unless you're bored and have nothing to do like me =P

We had this family over today whom we haven't seen in a few years. They randomly called the other day and asked to come make valentines at our house. haha. yeahhhhh, that was interesting...

I'm really paranoid that my hedgehog is going to kill her babies. Arh! I know I need to trust God, but I really don't like death =/

Tomorrow Marissa is coming over to spend the night. I'm excited =D

I'm going to a concert on Sunday. I'm excited about that too =D

I'm frustrated because I was in the middle of typing up a long post on a forum I was on, then all the sudden it stopped working. lol, oh well.

I sent a letter to a really cool person the other day. I don't know him, but I sent him a letter to encourage him and let him know that I was praying for him..... because he just got in a really bad accident. He probably got my letter today. I hope it cheered him up a bit =)

I really want to go play guitar....I think I will in a few minutes.

I'm working on like 3 posts for D2D, but it's taking me a while. I have all these good thoughts for it, but when I sit down to type, I forget my main points and I just start rambling(like I am now =P)

Alright. I'll stop. Good night folks.


Matt said...

I'm going to that concert stuff.