September 12, 2008


What exactly is randomness?

Randomness is more than just saying random words that are not normally used. More than just blurting something out without apparent meaning in it's context. More than being 'different'. The more I think of the word random, the less I think that I am truly random. There aren't really many people(if any) on this earth that are truly random.....

I believe that a lot of people when trying to be random, they're exactly the opposite.....because many people try to be random.

So, I've decided that I am not random, or at least not solely random or rather, not how the rest of the world would probably define random. Because my original purpose in being random was to be different than others, to be myself and to be unique. I never tried to be random, I just was.

Instead, I'm going to be who I've always been, ME! Does that mean that I have not been myself in the past? Absolutely not. Does that mean that I am random? I guess the answer to that question would depend on how you define it. My thoughts probably come across as random to the world, but, through a complex chain of thoughts in my head, they all make sense. If I were to say, for example, oxy clean, it sounds random(except for the select few who actually understand my strange brain and I think you know who you are ;-)), but it really isn't. Everything I say and do have a meaning in a very perplexing way.

So, from now on, I am Redefining Random!

And to start off, cheese and bubble wrap are no longer random!


Morgan said...

awesome! hmmm haha, oooh now your blog sounds like the name of my blog!

Emily said...

lol, thanks!

well, I guess they sound a little alike, but not really to me. But, if it bothers you, I'll change it :)

Matt said...

This post is just great. I was going to post something like this myself.
I know exactly what you're saying about actually meaning something when you say seemingly random stuff.
And yes, there are definitely not many people who are actually truly random these days. Somehow, in this day and age, originality has become the center of everyone's lifestyle. Being original is not being what others are because it's cool and it lets you fit in, it's being yourself. Being cool and being original are 2 different things. I'd personally like to be original.