September 23, 2008

I love......

I love Jesus. He died for me. He deserves all my praise and more.

I love this weather! Fall is beautiful!

I love spontaneity..... Spontaneity is so awesome.

I love laughter!

I love pineapples, they are the best fruit ever!

I love color.....lots and lots of it :-P

I love singing. Even though I can't.

I love animals. They are cute and forgiving.

I love music......who can live with out it?

I love humbleness.

I love art. particularly abstract art. it's amazing.

I love calculators.....they are awesome!

I love cameras, because they capture life. Memories. Happiness. Sadness.

I love worship.

I love reading.....anything....well, almost.

I love nature. It's brilliantly beautiful.

I love computers!

I love lemonade....on a hot summers day.

I love the ocean.

I love powerful things. Like lions.

I love my church.

I love science. It's fun to blow things up....

Lastly(but not leastly!), I love all my friends(way to many to name) and my wonderful family!

I love so much more.....I could go on forever.......

the end.


Matt said...

'Jesus', 'singing but I can't', 'cameras', 'music', 'computers', 'pineapples', friends and family' - same here, lol