September 14, 2008

Music(part 1)

I really love music. I mean, who doesn't like it? It is absolutely impossible for me to pick an all time favorite artist/group. So, in stead of doing that, I'm going to list some of my current favorites and explain why I like them.

1. Addison Road

I like Addison road for several reasons. First off, I love the girl's voice. I don't care for many girl's voices, but hers is amazing! I love a lot of their lyrics as well. Their actual music is good. I really like their slower songs(music wise). My favorite song by them is probably 'What Do I Know of Holy'.

2. Brandon Heath

Brandon Heath is definitely talented. I like his lyrics a lot. They have a mix of themes, which I like in an album. My favorite song by him is probably 'Give Me Your Eyes', but it's really hard to pick. I don't think that his music is incredibly orignal, but in the end, the lyrics are what really matter, right?

3. Nevertheless

Nevertheless is a very cool group. What I like about them, is that they parallel everything with Christ. Their lyrics are awesome and some of the music is pretty unique. They have an interesting way of writing some of their songs. A few are kind of written from God's point of view('Oh Child' and 'It's Me'). I really like the lead singer's voice as well. My favorite song by them is probably 'Oh Child', but I also really like 'Lover'.

4. Tenth Avenue North

What I love about Tenth Avenue North is that they really seem to be on fire for God and their lyrics really reflect that. I really like the lead singer's voice. 'Times' is definitely my favorite song by them. The lyrics are awesome and I love how the song is so kind lets focus on the words rather than the sound of the music(if that makes any sense?).

5. Fireflight

Fireflight is probably about the furthest I will go with hard rock. What I like about them is some of their songs are fairly hard rock, while other songs are slower. I love the girl's voice. My favorites by them are probably 'Wrapped in your Arms' and 'Unbreakable'.

I have several more current favorites. I will be making another post either today or tomorrow with 5 more of my favorites.


Nathan said...

Hey Emily! Totally unrelated post to your music post, but i just wanted to let you know i read all your posts last night, and enjoyed every one of them. Great stuff, keep writing! :-D

Oh and the music is awesome, too :-P

Emily said...

haha, thanks Nathan! you're awesome! That means a lot coming from the blog master ;-)

lol, music is wonderful!

btw, you're blog is great too!

Morgan said...

Yeah, I love Addison Road, Fireflight, and Tenth Avenue North!I haven't heard much from Brandon Heath or Nevertheless tho...

Matt said... I just love it! I like Nevertheless and addison road.

Nathan said...

you're welcome :-D hahaha blog master? psshh... :-P

So i've heard some of these bands, but not sure about the lyrics in some of them... basically the only music that i listen to now are bands with songs that clearly speak on biblical truths or glorify God in their content, like worship songs and such. Music recommendation - listen to Matt Papa (he's Sovereign Grace endorsed, you should be able to find him from their website, or just go to He is amazazing!!!!!!!!!! Musically and lyrically, just an absolute treasure.) Listen to NA band's newest, "Looked upon" which is one of my all time favorite CDs, or, - and i'm surprised to see that no one really has this CD - Sovereign Grace's new album "Psalms" and the one before that, "Come Weary Saints". Great albums all, you'll really be blessed by the listening. Check them out!!!!! So yeah long comment, sorry.

Emily said...


Which groups do you not like the lyrics of? I'm very picky about lyrics, so I'd be interested to know.

I've never heard of him before, but I'm listening to his music right now! I like it :-D

NA Band? what does NA stand for?

I just love sovereign grace's music! I'll check those out!!

Another artist that I love is Vicki Beeching!

lol, long comments are welcomed!!

Nathan said...

hahaha... Well i can't remember if you posted Family Force Five in your list... maybe that was Morgan.. idk. But yeah i'm not sure about the others, but FF5's lyrics are very weak, shallow, post-disco dance-focused lyrics, things relating to dating, very worldly lyrics, at least on one of their cds. Basically when my Dad and i reviewed them we found that the only thing "christian" about them was that they thanked God in their credits. But actually, i just reviewed your list, and i don't see them on there, so i'm sorry, i spoke too soon :-)

haha yeah apparently Matt Papa has like 5 cds out, and i like all of his songs, which is strange for me. i'm getting ready to order all of his cds cuz they are amazing!! lol

NA band stands for "New Attitude Band" which is the college band of Sovereign Grace Ministries. Basically it's the kids of the folks that produce Sovereign Grace music that form the band :-) They are amazing.

Oh also listen to West Coast Revival, also sovereign grace edndorsed. They have an eP in Crossway's bookstore. They are also amazing.

I've never heard of her, i'll definitely go listen :-)

Emily said...

no, they are not on my list. No offense to anyone who likes them, but I can't stand them. I haven't even read the lyrics, but I really don't like their style of music to start off with.

coolio! I'll try to download some of his music.

oh, ok! Awesome! I'll look both of them up!

she wrote 'yesterday, today and forever' and some other great songs!