September 15, 2008

Music(part 2)

Below are my next 5. None of these selections are in a particular order..... There still are a whole lot more groups that I like, but I'm just going to make everyone bored, lol! And, not to be any more confusing, but none of this is really my favorite 'style' of music. I really love indie/folk/alternative rock and/or people with really unique voices. But I haven't found much, if any, Christian groups like that.....unfortunately, there aren't many unique Christian groups out there. So....if you know of any, PLEASE tell me!

6. The Afters

The Afters are a bit different than most of the music I listen to...but it's a nice change....' Ocean Wide' and 'Never Going Back to OK' are probably my favorites. 'Myspace Girl' is funny too, lol!

7. Switchfoot

Switchfoot is great! They have been around for quite a while, so they are pretty experienced. I haven't really been a fan of them until recently. So I haven't listened to all of their music yet. But everything I've heard so far has been very good! I love Jon Foreman's voice! Their lyrics are awesome too! My favorites are probably 'Dare you to Move', 'This is Home', 'Meant to Live', 'This is Your Life' and 'Redemption'. I can't pick just one!

8. Rush of Fools

I have to say Rush of Fools' music is not very orignal, but their lyrics are what I really love. They have done pretty well, being so young and beginners! They are so on fire for God! 'Fame' is my all time favorite of theirs. I'm looking forward to their new album 'Wonders of the World'

9. Run Kid Run

Run Kid Run has very distinctive music. I can't put my finger on what it is though. Maybe it's their voices...... My favorites of theirs is probably 'Freedom'. 'Captives Come Home' is really good too though. I really like their lyrics.

10. Starfield

Starfield is just amazing! I'm sure they would be awesome in concert or just leading praise and worship at church! Thier music is totally God centered. I have a lot of are some of them: 'Everything Is Beautiful', 'Great is the Lord' and 'Filled with Your Glory'. I love their voices as well.


Morgan said...

I love all those bands sooo much! I love Run Kid Run alot, especially after seeing them in concert in June! And Switchfoot is my favorite band EVER!!! I love them sooo much!

Matt said...

I love the Afters. Their songs fill up like half of my most played, lol. I also kinda like Run kid Run. Other than that, I'm not really a fan of Christian rock.