May 12, 2009

Youth group, followers and profoundness!

I just realized that I have 21 followers. That's like shocking to me. Why would so many people-- several whom I don't even know-- be interested in reading my ramblings? But what I really wonder is who actually reads my blog on a regular basis. I wonder who reads it that I have no idea about. Not like it'll change anything, but...I'm curious. So, if you read my blog even semi-often and just never comment, please do so to satisfy my curiosity, haha.

Anyways. I felt like I should post. I really do want to say something profound, but I don't think that comes natural to me. And I can't think of anything to talk about.It amazes me how some of my friends manage to make such a unique, deep, profound point in nearly every post they make. Not saying there's anything wrong with talking about life...I really like to read about what's going on with everyone. But I'm just saying I also really admire those who have really neat thoughts on stuff and who always challenge me =) Oh yes.

On a different note...The message from youth group Saturday had a really big impact on me and has stuck with me all week.

Some points/quotes that stood out to me:

When we're diligent, we get to move forward.
God wants our all because that's what speaks most highly of Him!
We're never wiser than our current years...other than what God gives us.
Studying is not an option. It's the primary way we learn about the Lord. We will always need to study for the rest of out lives. It never ends.
Excelling is best. Being better than the standard is what God wants for every area of our lives.(He has such a great plan for my life!!)
All work is profitable.
Faithfulness produces blessings.
Our ultimate goal: God's Glory.
God doesn't tolerate laziness.
The church isn't the building, it's the people. We have got to be involved.
What in my life defines me right now? If we don't have a clear mission, we tend to wander.
True happiness: following God.

I guess if I had to summarize what I mainly took from it: I can't afford to be lazy. God strongly dislikes laziness(and so do I!). Being a faithful, hard, diligent worker is what God wants for me and is what will bless me.

Boy am I glad I take notes =)

So yep. That's it!


Bethany said...

Thanks for posting this!
I needed a refresher on the lesson we had at youth group, I really enjoyed it :-]

But, as you already know, I (Bethany) read your blog =P

Morgan said...

so do i! :)

Anna said...

I'm a faithful reader. But not a faithful commenter.

Emily S. said...

i read your blog. :)

thanks for posting your notes from youth group. i needed that reminder to be better than the standard.

Wesley said...

As you probably know, I read every blog post. =)

Aly said...

I read your blog, but you probably already know that! :p

Matt said...

I read every post lol. Well I didn't read the mother's day one but it doesn't really apply to me....

I wish I had been there to hear that message, but, well you know

Emily said...

haha, thanks guys!