May 20, 2009


Alright so this week has been busy and strange feeling so far.

Yesterday we got 3 dogs dropped off that we'll be petsitting for 11 days. That adds a lot of into the mix, lol. Liv and Sof also had their piano recital yesterday. They did a really good job, but it's funny because I get nervous for them, even though I'm only the sister watching. I guess it's because I've had to be in recitals before and I know how I really blew it one time and how nerve racking it was. But, yeah, they were awesome.

Tomorrow my mom and I are goin g to the homeschool confrence in Winston Salem. I'm super excited about it because I get to bring Morgan with me and we'll be gone until Saturday afternoon. I'm positive we'll have an awesome time =D I'll post on it when I get back!

I can't wait until we're done with school for the summer. Only 2 1/2 more weeks!

I better go do more school.....


Matt said...

Is tomorrow the only day you're coming?
oh and Morgan's coming along? awesome.

Emily said...

Nope, we'll be there the whole weekend(until Sat. afternoon)! And yep, Morgan is coming. Yeah, it's awesome. =D

Morgan said...

i'm really excited! i'ts gonna be awesome! :D