May 31, 2009

Lots 'o stuff.

I've been meaning to post these past few days, but just haven't gotten around to it. So now I have lots of little things to cover in one post.

First: this is my #199th post!! wow. I can't really believe that.

Sophie turned 10 on May 29th. I can't really believe that either. I remember when I turned 10....and it doesn't see too long ago. That was such a 'cool' thing to me to be in the double digits, lol. But yeah, not like Sof is immature or anything, but it just doesn't seem like she could possibly be that old. She has grown up so much. And OHMI she was an adorable little girl. I've posted a few pictures below.

Ok...what else? Oh yeah. On Sof's birthday, we had the Bell's over for dinner. All of us kids did line dancing and a little bit of swing until like midnight. That was so fun and tiring! Boy did we have that music blaring, lol. Maybe I'll post some pictures from Sof's actual birthday soon. She had a fantastic cake. I wanna post a picture of that too. =)

The CrossWay homeschool graduation was yesterday. I did photography for it again this year and it was quite fun. It's weird to have so many friends graduated now. That'll be me in two years. A big part of me wishes I could be graduating next year. But God has perfect timing and is sovereign and that is all that matters, right? :-) Anyways, congrats to all of you graduates =D

Today, I had Children's Ministry again. I always enjoy it a lot. I love the kids. :-) After church, Chad had a graduation party on the church property. I had a good time hanging out with everyone and it was a lovely day.

Ah, and lastly. This is my last week of 'official' school. I'm going to have to do a little bit for part of the summer. but other than that, I'll be done. I do not want to waste this summer. I want it to be purposeful and God honoring. I'm praying about what I should do with my summer. Other than the obvious...working :-)

I'm thinking about changing my blog design....maybe yellow? lol

That's it for now =)


Matt said...

tell Sophie I said happy (belated) birthday :)

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Line and swing dancing is awesome.

I meant to tell you that you could borrow my camera for graduation but I forgot haha

yellow is amazing. go for it.

Emily said...

I'll tell her :)

Oh, that would have been awesome, I would have never expected you to want me to borrow your beloved camera. haha, but thanks for thinking of me =)