May 17, 2009

hmmm. What to title this?

So on Saturday morning I woke up with this random rash on my face. I'm thinking it's poison oak, but what I really don't know is how I got it on my face of all places. I haven't even done anything out side in the past few days and much less anything that would include my face touching anything poisonous, lol. My best guess is that my dog got some of the oils in his fur and decided to share it with me. But anyways, it's a little bit annoying, the bit red rash on my face isn't as annoying as how much it itches. ugh. But, as I like to say...I'm alive, so that's happy =)

I'm terrible at decisions. I'm getting another breeding hedgehog from FL and I have to decide between two babies. I got to see pictures of each of them and they are both so cute. I guess I can't go wrong....but still. It's a decision and I'm over thinking it. lol, well, I *think* I have reached a conclusion, but that could change before I'm done with this post.

On Friday, as I said, I was at the church for like 10 1/2 hours. I had a pretty good time, although I was exhausted by the end of the day. The sale went well and I met lots of interesting people.

Saturday evening was the Bible study. I was so excited about it. And it was quite fantastic. God is so good to allow us to have such an awesome time studying His word, worshiping and fellowshiping(is that a word?)!

Lastly, tonight is care group and church was this morning. I just finished baking a coconut cake(one of my favorites!) for snacks tonight. I'm looking forward to eating it! =P


Wesley said...

Eh, that's no fun. =/ Rashes are always pretty annoying...

Haha, I totally know what you're talking about. I change my mind /many/ times when I'm deciding what to buy.

You actually didn't seem too worn out on Friday. That was definitely a looooooong day, though.

I'll have to come next time!!! I'm glad it went well, though. =)

Coconut cake? Sounds good. =)

Aly said...

Ick! I had poison ivy on my face a loonnnggg time ago, but I still remember that it was awful. The medicine was gross, too!

It was good to see you on Friday!

Cara said...

FYI, yes, fellowshipping is a word, but it has 2 P's :-).

morgan joy said...

that coconut cake was fabulous.

Emily said...

Well, the rash is getting better....sorta, lol

for the record, I did make a decision. but yep, I'm the same way Wes ;)

oh, lol, I sure was...and I was pretty sure I looked like it =P

Yeah, Aly! I think that was my first time talking to you in real life =D

Oh thanks Cara! My spell check must be wrong then, haha

haha, thanks Morgan. I love that cake ^_^