May 26, 2009

For memorial day I works for 9 hours. And, I seemed to forget that with the fact I'd be working outside for all those hours that I may have needed some sunscreen. So, as a result of that, I got burnt. Luckily, it doesn't really hurt or anything. But, I'm really surprised that I got burnt....I like never burn....especially when I am sitting in shade all day! It's amazing how fast 9 hours passes by when you're really enjoying what you're doing.

Oh yeah. I was just thinking about how great it is to see parent's involved in their kid's lives. Parents who actually spend quality time with there kids and invest in their lives are kind of getting rarer. It's sad.

^Random I know. But not really.

We made homemade ice cream last night. And OHMI. That stuff is sooooo good. I love it. haha

Today I'm going to really try and get my school done. I have only a week and a half left. And, I'm hoping I won't have that much to do over the summer. Tonight, we're starting a girl/mom study in stead of our caregroup's normal women's accountability and I'm looking forward to that. And, I get to go out to dinner with BJ, so it shall be fun =)

hmmmm. I don't have much else to say.

Joy =)


Matt said...

aw you had to work? bummer.

whoa we made homemade ice cream too lol. it was amazing

Emily said...

I hadn't worked in like 2 weeks. So I wasn't sad about working :) I really enjoy it.

oh, that's weird...