July 26, 2009

Yep: It never gets old

Like Wesley said: it never gets old. God's amazing goodness never gets old to me. I keep posting on it, so maybe my posting and inability to describe Him gets old....but if only you could feel what I do. Maybe you do. It if you do, maybe you can relate?

I need to spend a long time in my Bible tonight. I hate it when I get 'busy' and it feels like I am unfair to God. Like seriously. My best friend ever[who also SAVED MY LIFE], doesn't ever deserve to be on the back burner. But no matter how unfair or sinful I get, He always stays faithful. I don't think that I could ever get a best friend that could possibly be better than that! Yes, I have many friends that I love dearly, many that are faithful, loyal and that I trust so much, but they are still sinners like myself and they can never be perfect. What a privilege to have the only perfect being in the world that is and wants to be my best and most perfect friend!


Matt said...

Yes it's amazing isn't it? And yet still we've sinned and corrupted his perfect creation :(

Hannah said...

I think it's amazing that even though we do tend to put God and reading our bibles on the back burner of our lives that Gog still loves us anyway.
I still need to read my bible A LOT more often then I have been. *sigh*