July 6, 2009

What has been up with me recently?

I have had a busy life this past week. Part of the reason I haven't been posting as much is because I've been trying to limit my computer time and spend more time doing more uplifting stuff and trying to make wiser uses of my time. I'm tired of not doing my best in everything I do and I have decided to try and greatly improve that(only by God's grace of course). I want everything I do to be done to my 100%. I know I'm not perfect and I can never be however, I know I could improve a lot in a lot of areas and honor God and bring glory to Him a lot more.

Anyways. I didn't do anything special for July 4th. I worked for 9 hours....and that's about all. On Sunday I worked in Children's ministry and then we had the Herlihys over for lunch and the Bells over for dessert that evening. Both families were great fun to have over!

Samantha, Olivia and I had a hilarious time making some funny videos. Maybe if I edit them and they are half way good, I'll post them. =D

I am almost 16. Woohoo!

That's it. Have a stellar day =P


Olivia said...

No Emily, I forbid you from posting those videos! Rofl, although it was hilarious making them;)