July 27, 2009

=D I am happy.

I got my license. Actually, the lady didn't make me do anything but the driving test. I didn't even have to do a sign test. I bet she was just lazy...but I sure wasn't about to remind her, haha!

My mom is trying to talk me into taking my sisters out to the movies tonight. Not sure if that will happen or not, but it does feel nice to be able to do a lot more with out depending on my parents.

I feel like baking something. haha. Ohhhh...key lime pie sounds good =D


Scotland said...

Haha, congratulations!

I don't think they require a sign test—I took the test three times (woot! :P) and it was only the driving test. Of course, I say "only", but depending on who you get, it can be great or awful. I got awful twice, then great.


Aly said...

Yay! I'm glad you passed!

Anonymous said...

=D congrats!

Wesley said...


Emily said...

Thanks everyone. haha, Wes =D

Wesley said... I just need to get mine... 0.o

Emily said...

Yes! I hope you can get yours soon. That would be awesome! I know it sounds silly, but I'll be praying that you can get it soon and that God will provide you the money you need to get it. I know that's a huge financial responsibility :)

Matt said...

CONGRATS. haha that's funny, my mom would be trying to talk me /out/ of taking people places the first day I got my license.

Join the club Wesley lol. only two months left for me!

Danzibar said...

yes! It does feel great getting to make that choice: "Do I drive to the movies or not?" It's been a while since I got my license so I had forgotten the moment. Thanks for bringing it back for me! ;)