July 11, 2009

I stole this. but it is funny. =)

1. Start your list with the number 1 and then go from there.
2. Use original and memorable words to describe your list like "key" and "great."
3. Never at any point give in to the creeping fear that your list isn't necessary.
4. Use humor, act witty but if you can't write a short statement which will appear profound.
5. Do it.
6. Save your best, "gotcha" item for last. The second-to-last item can be a throw-away.
7. Never, never do more or less items than you originally promised.
8. Enjoy the process!


Wesley said...

I am confused. lol

Hannah said...

me too haha

Em Joy said...

Oh yes. You better be =P

Mel said...

So is your list there supposed to be an example? haha
That the list isn't supposed to make sense?
Fun reading, though!

Olivia said...

I get it, but apparently no one else did;)

Em Joy said...

haha, well, Josh Harris posted it on his blog and I liked it, so I posted it on mine. The point is for it to be humorous and funny, not for it to be helpful or make sense.... ;)