June 27, 2009

What's been up?

Sorry I haven't posted a lot =/ Not too much has been going on. Yesterday was our teen Bible study and youth group. Both were great. At the Bible study we did a lot of talk on prayer and I was really challenged by it. I'm so glad to have such great friends to hold me accountable. =) At youth group, we played the couch game and mafia. It was quite fun! I do wish sometimes that people would learn when it's time to talk and when it's time to be quite, haha. It would be so much easier and faster to get a game going! But anyways, it was fun....

Tonight our family is going to a concert being put on by 91.9(the radio station). Matthew West, Natalie Grant and pureNRG will be preforming. I mostly just want to see(and hopefully meet) Matthew West. He has some awesome lyrics and seems like a pretty cool guy!

I, unfortunately have hardly been working at all. I'm really having to work on being patient with my employer. She asks me if I can work on a particular day, then after I say yes, she tells me they 'won't need me this time'. So, I'm lucky to work one or two days a month. Not quite how I was expecting it to be and definitely not a very reliable source of income. I may end up getting another(or a second) job if sometime I like comes along. But for now, I'm going to be thankful for what I have and just hope they start needing me a a more regular basis....

Ok, well I guess that's it. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. Has anyone been doing anything fun this summer yet?


Hannah said...

Q222 was really fun last night!!!
I loved when we played the couch game haha.
Have fun at the concert tonight!!!
also, get pics and autographs.

so far this summer I've been anticipating Brett and Alex's new book,and getting my brand new ipod.

Morgan said...

aw i'm sad i missed mafia... the couch game was so fun!!!

have an amazing time at the concert! :D it's gonna be great!

Aly said...

Have fun at the concert!

My summer job is going like that, too. Instead of working about 10 days that I thought I would, I'll probably only work a couple. :(