June 29, 2009



Yes, today was her birthday. She is 14 now. She is incredible and is like my bestest friend. haha, oh the fun times we have together.

Tomorrow, my mom is taking her and a few friends to the mountains for a day in a half. they're staying in a cabin and get to go to sliding rock. Unfortunately, I wasn't invited, haha.

Oh, and the concert was good. I have never been to a concert so un-energetic though. Yeah, people sat down for most of the time. And I was like WAAAA? Why would you stil down and do nothing at a concert. But, as the night progressed, it got better. PureNRG was.....well, they were pureNRG, lol. Matthew West was even better than I was anticipating him to be. He is so on fire for God and it shows. Also, he did the neatest thing. He wrote a song especially for this concert. Well, actually, he wrote it as he was singing it and playing it. But it was so funny and special. Natalie grant was good as well. She preformed when it was dark, so she had some neat lighting. And the fire works afterwards were the best I've ever seen. But anyways, the concert was good, but different.....and there were not like any people there that were 'hard core' about concerts like me and Morgan are =D Morgan is my concert buddy =)

One more thing. So, my employer just emailed me today and asked me to work on the 3rd and 4th for a combined total of 24 hours. Yes, that's right folks. She wants me to work 24 hours over a two day period. I will be exhausted. i might end up working a few hours less then that, or who knows maybe her plans will change. But like wow....I just had to share that....a little bit more than I was hoping for O_O


morgan joy said...

haha i love the story about him making up the song! :))