October 1, 2008


I thought that today I would post some pictures of my favorite wild animals. Aren't they awesome!?!

Oh yeah, one more thing: Happy Birthday Matt and Lou!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

I love red pandas and koalas and dolphins and tigers! Lions are ok... why is it white? o_O

Olivia said...

How could the lion NOT be one of your favorites?!?! I love the white tiger and lion, as well as the rest of them! Koala bears are vicious, lol! But I'm sure the rest of them are too though, lol!

crispin said...

i can't beleive you forgot chinchillas!

Emily said...

First of all, I said 'some', second I said 'wild' animals. although chins are in the wild too, I think of them more as pets.

My favorite pets would be:

fennec foxes
pot bellied pigs
angora ferrets
sugar gliders
prarie dogs
and, of course, the classic: dogs!

And I'm probably forgetting something.

Oh, and idk why the lion is white, but isn't it cool? normal ones are cool too :P

Anonymous said...

I don't think the lion is real, actually. It looks like a painting to me... But yes, its still very cool-looking. =D

Matt said...

lol, yay koalas.

Thanks...I had a good one.

Anonymous said...

i love dolphins!they are my favorite animals, and lions arn't acctually vicious they only attack if you either
take their food
they are hungry
or your running arround like a headless chicken(they like chicken)

Anonymous said...

The lion is white because it is a white lion, The white lion is the rarest of all cats and is very near to extinction, there are 500 white lions in the world and of that 500 there is one small pride in the wild and only the 3 cubs of that pride were born in the wild, the first in 14 years.

The white lion is gorgeous.

Hales said...

My absolute favorite is the white lion. And yes Christianne, it is real. I also love Killer whales, also known as Orcas.