October 21, 2008

I realized something recently. I always refer to a group of people as 'guys', even if the group is all girls. I don't like how 'girls' sounds, so I just say guys. And, I never say guys AND girls.

^just a random thought of the day

Also, miniature sausages are glorious.

wow...I have the 'Oscar Mayer wiener' song in my head.

Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener
That is what I truly want to be
'Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener
Everyone would be in love with me.
yeahhhhhhhhhhh, go ahead and call me strange.


Anonymous said...

You stole the miniature sausage love from Lindsay. *nods*

Gah, that song gets stuck in my head at the most inopportune times. It's such an annoying, strange song.

I like your revamped blog!

Cara said...

I like it too. By the way, why the name "in the blink of an eye"? It seems like one of those that has a story behind it.

Matt said...

It used to show a picture at the top of the page of her eyelash.

I usually say guys no matter what....although I do find it weird sometimes and correct it, if it's only girls.

morgan joy said...

i say guys all the time too. i used to say yall, like when we moved here from texas, but now i just say you guys.

hahahaha i had the stanley steamer song stuck in my head all day a couple days ago!

"stanley steamer gets your house cleaner"

Wesley said...

I just say y'all. It's very inclusive and southern.

Haha, you're not strange... you're... just a kid at heart?... lol =P

Matt said...

I don't ever say 'ya'll', even though I'm southern and of southern descent.

Nathan said...

I always say "yall" no matter who i'm talking to. I've always said it, and probably always will haha - the only time it feels strange to say "hey guys" is when i walk up to an all-girl group - then it's like "hey...guys" hahaha sorry if that offends anyone or creates an awkward moment :-P

I'm commenting late, mostly to remind Emily that she has a blog to post on and friends that are waiting for her next post :-P Where've you been, Emily?

Emily said...

lol, I never say y'all....

oh, yeahhhh Wesley....I'm still a heart and sorta in real life, haha!

Hi Nathan....if you read my blog, you would know ;-) anyhow, I was out of town for 12 days. I missed all of you so badly!!! It was a very long 12 days...

Matt said...

hahahah I'm not surprised

we missed you too.

Anonymous said...

yes, we did . . . especially at the concert on Saturday night. *sniff* I took pictures of Addison Road for you, and I kept reminding myself to get an autograph. But, wouldn't you know, I forgot - sorry.