December 8, 2008

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh!

That's what I'm talking about. Top in our division. Go Panthers!!!!!


Aly said...

Hip, Hip, Horray! Go Panthers! Next stop, Super Bowl(Hopefully)!

morgan joy said...

YEAH!!! that game was AMAZING!!!

Wesley said...

If we're gonna win the superbowl, we need to be a /lot/ more consistent.
But yes, we were amazing. =)

Emily said...

Yeah, I agree. Even though the Panthers have done well enough to win most of their games this year, they haven't always blown the other team away like they should have.

Take the game a few weeks ago against Detroit for example. Detroit is like one of the lowest ranking teams, yet they managed to almost beat us. So, yeah, just barely beating will not cut it for the Superbowl.

But yeah, they did great last night =)

morgan joy said...

thier last 2 games, they have played much better than usual

Matt said...

haha i almost watched that game last night even thought i'm just really not a fan of football at all. i had to go to bed though.