November 11, 2008

weird+other thoughts

I made a post last night about my trip and it said that I posted it like 5 days ago. Anyhow, idk what that's all about, but be sure to scroll down, read that post and see all the pictures.

Also, I am not going to make a large post and say what everyone else has said about the recent news. I'm trusting in God and not worrying and I will pray--continually--for our country and it's leaders. God is bigger that Barack Obama. period.

Update on my grandpa. My grandpa is still in and out of the hospital, when he starts to do better, something else goes wrong. He is still really lethargic and can't walk at all. But-- HE'S ALIVE! He could be dead right now, in fact he's supposed to be dead right now. I don't think I ever said this but when he had his heart attack, he was DEAD for 47 minutes and was revived. Now that is amazing--God is truly an AWESOME God!

Psalm 32:8 The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.
I will advise you and watch over you." Idk why this verse stuck out to me the other day. I guess because it's a fresh reminder that God has a plan, knows what's best for me, and will take care of me. He won't give me more that I can handle.

Another random reflection.... My dog is weird. He'll wine by the door to be 'let out' but the minute I open the door and let him out he decides that maybe it's not a cool out there as he thought and wants to be let back in. I was thinking, isn't that how we are with God? We beg and wine for something we want and then when actually He grants our wishes, we decide that it isn't as good as we were expecting and we start to wine again, forgetting that this is just what we asked for.


Adam Davis said...

true, true.

your cousin blake is so awesome btw :>

Emily said...

lol, thanks?? but yeah, he seems like some one you'd like.

Matt said...

yeah he is.

I like your views on obama, haha.

Yay for your grandpa!

and a very comforting verse there.