November 20, 2010

Thank You Lord.

An amazingly overwhelming desire to grow has grown in me. God has ignited in me an incredible passion for growing in character. I don't think I have ever desired to grow in character more than I do now. I don't think I have ever been so excited about killing sin. I have never had such excitement and pleasure in the idea that, while relying on God's strength, I can grow to be more like Him. Just thinking of all of the ways I can be serving Him if I grow, challenges me. Serving Him is so lovely.My friends, God is so attractive and lovely. He is the most beautiful thing that exists. Aspiring to grow to be more like Him not only blesses you and challenges others, but it glorifies His name greatly.

As a girl, I know it can be a temptation to put a focus on the outer appearance. It's so vain and I know I could put way too much of a focus on it. But never have I cared so little about it than I do now. The only way I desire to be beautiful is by God shining in me. I know I have much room for growth, but God gives much grace and He is so patient with me.

I am tired of my sin. I hate it. The idea of overcoming weaknesses and growing in character for the glory of God is so appealing to me. Ah, dear God please keep this passion ignited in me and don't let it fade. Also, please help me to rely on your strength so that I can make progress, rather than fail. I am so weak. So, so weak. I am helpless without you Lord.

I just needed to say that. I'm too passionate about it to keep it to myself. Sorry for the little rave, haha.


Cara said...

Sorry? Why are you sorry?
You've inspired me :-). Now I'm going to post on my blog on the subject. I was going to post here in a comment, but it was going to be too long :-). I hope you don't mind if I link to your blog...?

Eric DiGiacomo said...

Great thoughts with good truth.