March 11, 2010

God stuffs...

Why in the world is God so good to me? I deserve nothing...I deserve less than nothing. But He gives me more than I even need or could ever imagine.

I tell you, at the foot of the cross is the best place to see how small and helpless you really are. And how amazing and huge and good Jesus is. If I am on my knees at the cross always, it will surely help me to see things in the magnitude and from the perspective I should. I will see sin for what it really is and I will see how no sin is small. Why do we think sin is okay? Why do we think that "little sins" exist?

My dear friends, God's love is so incomprehensible. I've been trying to see the character of God's love and oh my, how great it is. It is so believable but also so impossible to understand fully. And even that boggles my mind.

Jesus is the only thing that is ever worth your life and the only thing worth all of your energy. I beg you not to be a fool. If you believe differently, someday you will see the truth and regret not learning it sooner.


Amanda B. said...

Amen! What an encouraging post, Emily. Thanks for the reminders in your words.

Teshyah said...

Thanks Em. Thank you.