January 1, 2010

So it's a new year....

Wow it's 2010. I think this will be the most interesting year in my life yet. I'm excited for the future....though it's a little confusing right now ;)

Anyhow. I'm not going to make a post saying something to each of my friends. idk why, I just don't feel like it. And, apparently, no one else is doing it yeah. But no need to be sad! You will get some happy encouragement in your birthday's better that way anyhow =P

So. For 2010, I figured I better make a goal. Yes, I always make goals. But i normally make a lot. I'm not saying that's just is less realistic. So, I'm going to make 2 goals and put all my effort towards these goals....

The first goal is for me to get completely lost in God. Yeah, kinda a weird resolution. But I very good one, I think.

My second resolution is to try to become more disciplined in every area of my life. Spiritually, physically and mentally. Because I think God is more glorified when we are more disciplined and we can serve better because of it.

What are your resolutions?


Anonymous said...

one of mine is to read my Bible EVERY day... and I haven't thought of any others yet but I will. =)

Cara said...

Not wierd resolutions, Emily...I totally agree! And I think that two is plenty when you have such far reaching ones :-).